Paris & Abu Dhabi


Big news!! I just booked my flight for Paris and Abu Dhabi!!!

I’m traveling with two of my best friends and my mom. The plan is to spend 3 days in Paris and the girls will stay with me for another 4 days in Abu Dhabi.. however, I’m staying for three and a half weeks in Abu Dhabi because my parents happen to live there!

So, naturally, we have been exploring the web for must-have locations to visit… Our list is getting quite long, so we will probably have to eliminate some locations and settle on only a few. If any of you have visited these locations, let me know where we should visit!

Some picture perfect places in Paris…
1. Eiffel Tower (for obvious reasons)
2. Moulin Rouge (yes, this is my favorite movie of all time!!)
3. Place de la Concorde
4. Notre Dame Catherdal
5. Laduree bakery

Adventuring out in Abu Dhabi & Dubai…
1. The Palm Islands
2. Wadi Wurrayah (natural waterfall and rock pools!)
3. The Old Gold Souk
4. Relaxing on a beach 🙂

If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments section!

Wedding pictures!

Whoo! We finally got some pictures in from my sisters’ wedding!! So..naturally, I must share them with everyone!

Planning a wedding was a tough and stressful job, but in the end it came together beautifully.  With some “troubles” along the way.. one groomsman short and a ring bearer (the 3 year old attended..but was not feeling very celebratory).  We also noticed, while getting ready, that the bridesmaids dresses were different shades of purple.. luckily it was 3 & 3 so we could alternate the girls! And we had to deal with a frigged ceremony outside (with a high of 65 degrees that day..and no, it was not the high during the ceremony) but the wedding went on!

 It really was an awesome night to celebrate the new {now married} couple!! And I’m so glad to finally get a new brother {in-law} 🙂

So without further ado… here’s pictures galore!!!!















10710718_10152853370046742_6324840255978008368_n (1)



1006099_10152853370371742_2018590083849354025_n (1)








Wedding Emergency Kit

We’re down to one week till the wedding and everyone’s running around like their heads are chopped off.. or maybe that is just me. Yep, that’s definitely me.  I have a list of about 15 DIY’s I have to get done for this big day and 5 days to complete them… I don’t think I’ll have much sleep this week.

I came up with a list of “emergency” items for the big day! Of course, I’ll have to wait and see if the emergency kit is even a useful one on that day. But hey, you have to live a learn a little.

wedding emergency kit

Do you have anything else to add to the list?


So, as you may know my sister is getting married this year.  Pretty soon actually.  We’re 2 weeks out from the wedding! Leading up to this last stride to the finish line, my sister, Natalie, has had 4 showers total (groom side, bride side, bachelorette party, and couples shower) which means I’ve been a busy bee DIY whatever her little heart desires and organizing “picture-worthy” showers.. even though I’ve been too busy to take pictures of the set up events.  We just finished up the last shower, the couples shower, last night.  Which is why I am very sluggish today..  However! I came 3 hours early for set up AND MANAGED TO TAKE PICTURES!! So here’s a little taste of my sister and future-brother-in-law’s I DO BBQ!

Couples showers are great because you can invite couples of your age (and, as we ended up doing, lots of other non-married friends) to enjoy a party together.. with the COUPLE actually being there.  Instead of asking for more gifts on her registry, Nat just asked for every person to write a recipe so she can make a cook book!


And thankfully our prayers were heard for great Nebraska weather!





The fiancé smoked BBQ chicken legs and roasted cheesy potatoes! There was also canned peach cobbler for party favors, chips and dip, pasta salad, pumpkin bars, and apple pie! Natalie also got creative and made White Trash Peach Bellini (ingredients listed at the end).





The bag games I made earlier in the week (which will definitely be reused for the wedding at cocktail hour) were a huge hit! We actually set up bag tournaments that lasted us well into 2am. I was part of the winning pair of the losers bracket…


The barbeque ended with a bonfire by the pond and floating lanterns for their (premature) send off into the married life!


I’m so happy for these two to get married and spend an eternity together!

  • White Trash Peach Bellini drink:

         Boxed White Wine
         Peach Mango juice
    Sierra Mist

My Art Story

So, a big part of my passions in life include art.  I’ve always been fairly gifted with fine arts (says my mother..but that’s also her job as a mom ;)) to anywhere from painting, sculpture, and drawing.  I love doing fine detail work and recreating pictures that I, myself, would want to hang on my own walls.

I was introduced to the fine arts early on in life.. as my parents saw it interested me they enrolled me in art classes at a young age.  From there I took all the art classes my elementary school, middle school, and high school had to offer.  And now, I hold a minor in fine arts in college.  I’ve done commissioned pieces for a local boutique, dance studio, and friends and family.  I’d like to think I’ll own my own studio and gallery one day.. but for now, it’s just a hobby.

This summer, to complete my degree, I had to take a studio art class called The Figure.  It was exactly how it sounded.. we recreated the figure.  We had a nude model three times a week and the rest of the time was spent on projects.  This class was not like any other class I’ve taken before in the sense of time.  It was a three week course.. we met for 7 hours every day and had to have a completed project at the end of each week.  That was very fast paced for a girl like me who can spend months on one piece of work.  With that said, it pushed me (and kind of drained me with sleepless nights..but hey, that’s college) and made me work harder.  And in the end, I came out with three (fairly) great pieces of new work to add to my portfolio, a friendship with a professor (who personally told me he would write a recommendation for when I do decide it’s time to take that leap to grad school..hallelujah!), a bigger urgency to continue with my art because it’s a major factor in what makes me ME..and a greater appreciation for longer deadlines 🙂  So, for this post you get to see one of my favorite projects I worked on this summer!

This piece is a couple pencil drawings of hands from homeless people.  I’ve never worked with hands before this, so it was great to get some hand studies in while I had the model for class time.  These were very time consuming (they took about 6-8 hours per hand) but I love working with pencil and high detail.



What mediums do you like to work with?

Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour

This week is all about KATY PERRY!!! I had an awesome opportunity to go to the Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour with my sister. Such a great hump day treat!!! (Yes, the concert was on a Wednesday.) I’m not trying to make this sound like a crazed fan post.. even though it could easily shift to that.  Although I will say, this was one of the best and most entertaining concert I have ever been to.  The lights, props, costumes, and dancers made it over the top!

What is really evident is that Katy loves her fans.. she didn’t hesitate to bring young fans on stage and even take selfies with them .. as well as give away corn on the cob (remember, I do live in Nebraska). Here’s some pictures of this lovely night (and of course what we wore)!





What’s you favorite Katy Perry song?

August thus far…

As I sit on the couch, eating lunch, while looking at the window and thinking I should be sunbathing in the backyard..and then I remembered I haven’t been to the gym in months so getting in a bikini is out of the question; it also occurs to me that August is almost over! Seriously where did this month go?! So this post is to tally off what I have actually done thus far in August.  So now, with my mid-month achievements in mind and freezer-burnt burrito in hand.. Lets begin.

To start the month off right I went skydiving in Holdrege, Nebraska! This was easily the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. Ever.

Among other meals out on the town (of course under my parents expense.. because college made me poor) this place stick in my mind! (and the only one I took a picture of..surprisingly).  Lunch at Mark’s Bistro in Dundee had the cutest outside area and guess what their signature food is–Mac & Cheese!


On the homemade spectrum, I have mastered grilled brussels sprouts! Brussels sprouts complimented with olive oil, garlic, and bits of turkey bacon (because everything is better with bacon) all wrapped up in a foil pouch and thrown on the grill. Voila! I also attempted blueberry dump cake…it was amazing! Maybe it’s not the most appetizing to look at, but boy was it tasty!!


As my maid-of-honor duties for the bridezilla..I mean, my sister.. I have been a busy bee creating all the DIY’s her heart desires.  She had her first shower two weeks ago, and another one coming up this weekend.. more pictures and tutorials to come on bridal shower DIY’s and decor 😉


Last big event of this month thus far was my college graduation! Four & a half years later and I finally did it! (I look so excited, right?)  I graduated with about 800 other students Saturday morning with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Art!

Now to hunt for a big girl job…. yikes!


So what have you done this month so far?