Hi there! I’m Rachael, and WELCOME TO MY BLOG!  I’m new to blogging, so I’m hoping–if nothing more–to document and share my creations!  I’m a 23 year old DIY maniac,  frequent goodwill explorer, foodie beginner, fashion and beauty loving artist.


My favorite kind of flowers are peonies (take note future boyfriend, if you’re out there!) and I have a major sweet tooth and would live at a bakery if I could; hence the “pastries” in the name.

Art and crafting has always been a big passion of mine, and if I could make it a career I WOULD! But for now, they are just great hobbies that keep me entertained during the weekends! I love recreating things I see in stores for way cheaper, so if you have any suggestions on my next DIY, give me a holler!

I’m currently working as a virtual assistant to a fabulous blogger, so I figured I should probably take a whack at the craft myself! I also take on local freelance art projects which are truly a treat for me!

In my free-time, I love playing with my dogs (quite possibly “Crazy Dog Lady” status), sipping on white coffee.. aka I add a little coffee to my creamer in the morning, and enjoying a delicious basket of buffalo wings, fried pickles, and a cold red beer out with my friends and family.

I hope you’ll find something you like while browsing my site!

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