Paris & Abu Dhabi


Big news!! I just booked my flight for Paris and Abu Dhabi!!!

I’m traveling with two of my best friends and my mom. The plan is to spend 3 days in Paris and the girls will stay with me for another 4 days in Abu Dhabi.. however, I’m staying for three and a half weeks in Abu Dhabi because my parents happen to live there!

So, naturally, we have been exploring the web for must-have locations to visit… Our list is getting quite long, so we will probably have to eliminate some locations and settle on only a few. If any of you have visited these locations, let me know where we should visit!

Some picture perfect places in Paris…
1. Eiffel Tower (for obvious reasons)
2. Moulin Rouge (yes, this is my favorite movie of all time!!)
3. Place de la Concorde
4. Notre Dame Catherdal
5. Laduree bakery

Adventuring out in Abu Dhabi & Dubai…
1. The Palm Islands
2. Wadi Wurrayah (natural waterfall and rock pools!)
3. The Old Gold Souk
4. Relaxing on a beach 🙂

If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments section!

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