Fall nail colors

It’s that time of year again.. when we transition our Summer style to new Fall trends! Don’t overlook those nails, ladies! Here’s some nail polish color transitions for Fall!

new roundup12

2nd roundup

NARS Soup Can –>NARS Chinatown
NARS Schiap –> NARS Ithaque
NARS Wind Dancer >> NARS Hell-Bent
NARS Fearless –> NARS Elbrus
NARS L’Avventura –> NARS Crossroads
NARS Night Out –> NARS Mots Bleus
NARS Thasos –> NARS Night Flight
NARS Anarchy –> NARS Bad Influence
NARS Amarapura –> NARS Back Room

Additional colors…

NARS Kalymnos, Mash, Dark Room, Manosque, Shutter
Other Side, La Notte, Endless Night, Pastorale

What is your favorite nail polish color for Fall?

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