My Art Story

So, a big part of my passions in life include art.  I’ve always been fairly gifted with fine arts (says my mother..but that’s also her job as a mom ;)) to anywhere from painting, sculpture, and drawing.  I love doing fine detail work and recreating pictures that I, myself, would want to hang on my own walls.

I was introduced to the fine arts early on in life.. as my parents saw it interested me they enrolled me in art classes at a young age.  From there I took all the art classes my elementary school, middle school, and high school had to offer.  And now, I hold a minor in fine arts in college.  I’ve done commissioned pieces for a local boutique, dance studio, and friends and family.  I’d like to think I’ll own my own studio and gallery one day.. but for now, it’s just a hobby.

This summer, to complete my degree, I had to take a studio art class called The Figure.  It was exactly how it sounded.. we recreated the figure.  We had a nude model three times a week and the rest of the time was spent on projects.  This class was not like any other class I’ve taken before in the sense of time.  It was a three week course.. we met for 7 hours every day and had to have a completed project at the end of each week.  That was very fast paced for a girl like me who can spend months on one piece of work.  With that said, it pushed me (and kind of drained me with sleepless nights..but hey, that’s college) and made me work harder.  And in the end, I came out with three (fairly) great pieces of new work to add to my portfolio, a friendship with a professor (who personally told me he would write a recommendation for when I do decide it’s time to take that leap to grad school..hallelujah!), a bigger urgency to continue with my art because it’s a major factor in what makes me ME..and a greater appreciation for longer deadlines 🙂  So, for this post you get to see one of my favorite projects I worked on this summer!

This piece is a couple pencil drawings of hands from homeless people.  I’ve never worked with hands before this, so it was great to get some hand studies in while I had the model for class time.  These were very time consuming (they took about 6-8 hours per hand) but I love working with pencil and high detail.



What mediums do you like to work with?


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